Angels Reef Foundation
Angels Reef Foundation
A.R.F. is based solely around making new artifical reefs by sinking retired vessels to create new ecosystems and relieve the pressure on natural reefs.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we need your help.

We at The Angel Reef Foundation are actively pursuing donations and volunteers to help us with creating artificial reef systems in our area. These reef systems will be created from sinking retired marine vessels in our local waters.

The introduction of these sunken vessels will create artificial reef sanctuaries for fish species to populate. This will help sustain our local fish and coral species.

As a secondary benefit, this process will stimulate our economy by creating more sites for fishing and diving tourists and enthusiasts to visit.

As you may know, we are in need of more diving attractions in North Broward County/Deerfield Beach  to relieve the pressure on the few wreck sites that we have right now.

Angels Reef Foundation Activities:

  1. Deploy Artificial Reefs to provide habitat necessary to create a sustainable Fishery

  2. Provide a Free Forum, open to the public, to provide education and information exchange

  3. Provide a forum for Members to exchange information

  4. Maintain a Public Artificial Reef Data Collection Forum

  5. Survey & Document Local Reefs

  6. Artificial Reef Research

  7. Participate in Fishery Meetings

  8. Host Social Events to Promote Awareness
  9. Sponsor Fishing / Spearfishing tournaments

  10. Sponsor Scuba Diver's Reef "clean-up"

  11. Sponsor Public Education:

    1. Guest Speakers for Broward and Palm County Schools

    2. Reef Fish Identification

    3. Reef Fish Venting & De-hooking

    4. Artificial Reef Information & Education

    5. Lion Fish Awareness & Education

    6. Consciousness and Awareness Concerning Spearfishing and Fishing Techniques

    7. Educational Opportunities for Divers

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