Angels Reef Foundation

Angels Reef Foundation Mission Statement:

Angels Reef Foundation Inc. Researches, Monitors, and Evaluates the effectiveness of artificial reefs as tools

in the conservation, development, and enhancement of reef fish stocks in the Atlantic waters adjacent to

Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Brief History of Angels Reef Foundation:

March 1999 The idea to make an artificial reef in forty to fifty feet of water off the shore of Deerfield came about. We

had this great idea to make an artificial reef with angels to watch over the reef system and the divers on it. Over time,

they would look great for photography and contrast the beautiful reef system we have here in Deerfield Beach. Similar

in idea to the Christ of the Abyss in Key Largo our thought was to help gather area divers to accomplish one goal, one

project that would foster community pride and friendship. The idea of angels for the statues is not meant to be a symbol

of religion but rather of protection and guardianship for the reef and divers on the reef.

December of 2000 we found the perfect statues for the project. Special thanks goes to Capt. Rob Mc Brayer and

Divemaster Brian for transporting them to the dive shop, and thanks to Dixie Divers for purchasing the statues.

After November 2000 it seemed fitting that the first angels plaque be dedicated to James “Spencer” Hyde a friend

of Dixie Divers who went on many spear fishing trips with us. Unfortunately, Spencer had an accident in November

and is no longer with us. We will miss him. The second angel is dedicated to the friendship of all the divers of Deerfield

Beach. The plaque reads “Make friends with angels who though invisible are always with you” a statement from the

Saint Francisco Arsis an 18th century monk.

Scuba Angel: The idea for a scuba angel came after a long breezy winter when the chances to get out and dive are
limited by Mother Nature. As business slowed down Pavan had an idea to put a scuba tank on the second angel in our
artificial reef project. With the help of Nick Giampaolo and Helio Rabelo a scuba tank that had failed visual was fastened
to the angel with some Brazilian Ingenuity and filled with concrete over several days. After some debate a double hose
regulator design was chosen to finish the effect. This was made from an old US Divers Royal double hose regulator and

April 21, 2001   The following  weeks we sink the rest of the bases and the angels getting ready for the 21st of April we

will have the ceremony to place the angels in the final spot.

April 24, 2001 we went to set the bases and place the angel dedicated to Spencer (our friend no longer with us) on the
Lady Go Diver with the help of the crew and 16 volunteers, the days task was a success, the sinking of the scuba angel.

May 1st 2002 Pavan had organized with the Lady Go Diver to take some volunteers out to Angels Reef to finish the

first angeland place the scuba angel on it’s final resting place. Everyone showed at the boat early ready for the day’s

mission. Pavan wasted no time organizing everyone into teams with specific tasks.

May 15 2002 Pavan and Mauricio Santana with Tony Esturilho mixing the special materials to put the head back on

went to thesite on Lady Go Diver and with a special air drill replaced the head. The angel looks new again and we are

preparing forthe dedication ceremony were on the international dive in day May 19th 2002.

June 29th, 2008- U.S Customs and Border Patrol seized a vessel with 154 kilos of cocaine aboard the 165-foot

freighter named Miss Lourdies. The vessel was confiscated by U.S customs.

US Customs and Border Patrol agents doing a random inspection Thursday (26 June) found more than 150 kilos of

cocaine inside a freighter on the Miami River. Agents who randomly inspect ships docked at the Port of Miami and on the

Miami River noticed an irregular noise when they tapped on the hull of the Haitian freighter near the 2200 block of

Northwest South River Drive. When they broke through the wall, the agents found a steel compartment that was bolted

shut and filled with 154 kilos of cocaine.

"They actually had to take the bunk beds and the walls out of the crew cabins, open up a metal compartment, and this

is where they found the cocaine," said Zachary Mann of Customs and Border Protection. According to the ship's log, the

165-foot freighter named Miss Lourdies was in Miami to pick up cars, bicycles and mattresses to sell in Haiti.

"It's a significant find. We used to have a lot of activity like this on the river," Mann said. "It just goes to show you that

we're still out here looking, and today was a very significant day in that we found a large quantity of cocaine and we've

taken it off the streets."

Authorities detained six people in connection with the drugs. Customs and Border Patrol agents are trying to determine

who knew the cocaine was in the ship and who was trying to sell it. United States Customs and Border Patrol

(US Customs) confiscated the freighter after performing a routine inspection along the Miami River in June 2008. Agents

found more than 150 kilos of cocaine inside the freighter in a concealed steel compartment. The freighter is currently

docked near the 2200 block of Northwest South River Drive on the Miami River in Miami.

October 6th, 2008- Ken Banks contacted Pavan, owner of Dixie Divers, to let him know there is a possible vessel

available in Miami.

November 16th, 2008- Dan Fasano committed to help pay for the cost of cleaning the new shipwreck.

December 2nd, 2008- Deerfield Beach city commissioners voted accepting the ship to make it an artificial reef off

Deerfield Beach with no cost to the city.

March 13th, 2009- Contract signed between stakeholders, Dixie Divers A. Pavan (financial provider), Chad Grecsek

City of Deerfield Beach (government agency) and Bruce Sugar Bunnell Foundation, Inc., Environment Cleaning Contractor.

March 20th, 2009- Vessel was transferred from U.S Customs to the City of Deerfield Beach and later to the Bunnell

Foundation, Inc. Environmental Cleaning Contractor at the port on the Miami River.

March 23rd, 2009- Bunnell Foundation, Inc started the cleaning process on a private dock at 2750 NW N. River Drive,

off the Miami River.

April 18th, 2009- Dan Fasono (Miracle of Life) and Arilton Pavan (Dixie Divers) acquired the Angel Guardian Statue from

Bernard Molyneux owner of Antiques & Country Pine. The statue has a height of 14 feet and weights 3500 Lbs. and is

made of solid bronze. The statue will be placed on the vessel before it sinks.

May 1st, 2009- The Angel Statue was placed on the vessel and secured, ready to be part of the Miracle of Life

Artificial Reef.

May 4th, 2009- The site at N26 19.230', W80 03.358 was video surveyed, using the boat "SeaHorse" of LightHouse with

crew Captain Derol Wilmoth, Joe Masterson (Video), Domingos Souza (Support Diver), Arilton pavan (Support Diver),

and Ray McAllister (Commanding Chief Adviser)

May 30th 2009- The first attempt the sink the wreck was planned, but weather and permitting requirements forced

postponement until June 6th. The same day we Dixie Divers organized the Pier and Beach Clean-Up in Deerfield Beach.

We had about 90 divers 50 volunteers and we collected 800 Lbs of lead and 25 bags of garbage in general fishing line,

cellular phones etc... Click here for info. About our Annual Pier / Beach Clean-Up.

June 6th 2009- Miracle of Life Shipwreck was born surrounded by 80 private boats, 5 charter dive boats, 300 people

watched and partied on the Pier of Deerfield Beach. The day was perfect weather conditions. The miracle is sitting nice

and upright in 142 feet of water; the top of the wheelhouse is at 100 feet and the Angel statue is at 110 feet. GPS marks

Lat 26 19.162 Lon 80 03.198 Lat (Bow) Lat 26 19.180 Lon 80 03.195 (Stern). More info. about click here.

June 9th 2009- Our friend Dan Fasano pass away after a long battle with Cancer leukemia. Dan was the key person
with this project by help financial and organizes different activates. Founder of Miracle of Life Foundation that will
continue his Mary Bath Fasano with the goal of contribute to cancer cure research and create new Artificial reefs
off Deerfield Beach.